Hana Highway Highlights

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The Road to Hana was certainly on our must see list for our trip to Maui. I’ll say that we definitely took a relaxed approach & didn’t hit all of the highlights available. There’s so much to see on the drive so you really have to pick & choose what’s going to make your list. For us seeing the black sand beaches was definitely at the top of the list, as well as touring the botanical gardens. The black sand beach was so beautiful, I had never seen anything like it. But the beach is definitely on the smaller side & there is a very strong current & lots of rocks so only strong swimmers should get in. I went in up to my waist but quickly got out as soon as I felt the current pulling, the ocean is NO joke! One of my favorite Hana highlights was the Hawaiian pork tacos along the side of the road. I have two recommendations for this. The first was a man who drives up & parks at a little turnout around mile marker 10 & cooks literally AMAZING food. There are only a few choices on the menu: Pork/chicken/fish & it’s served with rice & grilled pineapple. It’s served in a cross-section of giant bamboo & the chop sticks the guy makes out of the bamboo also. We also stopped at Twin Falls Farmstand which is a trailhead to waterfalls but there’s a great little stand that sells fresh fruit, desserts & other Hawaiian refreshments.  I would say that the road to Hana is for those who are willing to spend a day in the car with their travel companions. Granted there’s plenty to see but a large portion of the day is spent winding through the highways switchbacks so if you’re at all prone to car sickness this activity probably is not at the top of your list. All in all it was great day spent with my family & a memory to last a lifetime.


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