February Round Up

February flew by! We had a trip to the snow – which was so fun & my birthday. This round comes a little late thanks to the revolving door of preschool colds lol. But I’m rounding up the books, mediations, recipes & products I’ve loved this month!

Books: Trevor Noah Born a Crime, The Nature Fix, The Idea of You

Born a Crime was about Trevor Noah growing up in South Africa in the midst of Apartheid. I loved this book & thought it was so moving to his stories from such a time in history. I was interested in learning about how he moved out of South Africa and ultimately hosted the Daily Show but this book is really focusing on his childhood and young adult life. 4/5 stars!

The Nature Fix – I got 60% through before I just had to put it down. I’m a firm believer in not forcing yourself to read a book you aren’t enjoying and this one was just wayyyy too science-y and honestly repetitive. I normally love nonfiction but this just wasn’t for me! 1.5 / 5 stars

The Idea of You – an easy, fun, spicy read that I consumed in probably 5 days. The plot line was simple but a quick engaging read!

Recipes: Scroll to the bottom to find the full recipe, but Acai bowls were my top craving when I was pregnant will Will. And I haven’t eaten many since. This month I decided to have the boys help make their own and they have been loving getting to chop their own fruit, pick toppings and assemble them. It’s been a fun afternoon activity!

Meditations: Two of my favorite meditations this month have been by Sarah Blondin.

Re-awaken yourself to love & joy This 11 min meditation is a great reminder that we so often forget to stay awake to our choice, our choice to ground ourselves in love.

Learning to surrender – This 8 min meditation is about allowing the universe to unfold as it is meant to. The harder we try to force, or constrict the more resistance we meet.


Nuud deodorant – I’ve tried a lot of natural deodarants (schmittds, native, toms) and they all kinda stink lol. This deodorant has ultra clean ingredients and I only have to put it on 2 – 3 times a WEEK! and just a tiny dab!! The first tube I got literally lasted me six months! 10/10!

This nursing work bag – I recently upgraded my work bag. For years I was using a large Longchamp tote bag, but it always ended up turning into a mess of random stuff at the bottom & my the little tote I used to carry my lunch would never quite fit. So last month I upgraded to this bag that I found on amazon. I love that it’s completely wipeable. It has SO many pockets, including the outside one that fits my XL hydroflask.

The best indoor dog toy – if you live in California and you have a dog, they are probably like Juno and a little downtrodden with all the rain we’ve had. For Christmas I got Juno this chuckit indoor ball and I just bought a few more because of how much she loves it. She’s had it for almost 3 months and it’s just finally starting to weaken which in dog toy world is amazing. It’s ultra light weight which means it’s not too loud to throw in our house after the kids go to bed, and I’m not worried if they throw it because it can’t cause too much damage! We also have the roller version!

Lastly this coat! I got this as my birthday present to myself. California and it’s never ending winter pushed me to finally buy this coat I’ve literally thought about for over a year. And I’m here to say it did.not.disapoint. It is seriously SO warm. And I have worn it nearly every day in February! There’s a reason it has 25K nearly 5 star reviews!

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