Tis the Season

^^Our amazing Thanksgiving table
^^ the hunt begins^Peggy is warming up to her holiday sweater…img_0029|Tray – Target | Mugs – Target |

Thanksgiving has come & gone! We were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving this year in Austin, Tx with Chris’ family. It was a wonderful & relaxing few days. When we got back to San Francisco we didn’t delay putting up our Christmas Tree! I couldn’t wait, last year we had opted out of getting a tree because we were planning to spend Christmas in Texas & we had just picked Juno up. So the thought of managing a 12 week old puppy & keeping our tree safe seemed like a lot, haha. But this year I’m SO happy to have it back! Peggy, our little kitty, absolutely LOVES the Christmas tree, she can usually found lounging underneath it. It finally feels like the official start of the holidays because now that my last day teaching for the semester is done. So here’s to enjoying some holiday cheer the next few weeks! 

Happy Friday! 

Our Best Black Friday Purchase – Ever!


One year ago on our way home from my parents we picked up our sweet black lab Juno. I’ve never been one for black friday shopping but this by far was our best black friday deal ever! In some ways the last year feels like it’s flown by, but at the same time it’s hard to remember what life was like before we had this sweet girl. I’m certaintly a little nostalgic being a couple states away this year celebrating Thanksgiving in Texas. But we’re sure to celebrate Juno’s adoption day when we get back home. For now she’s enjoy Thanksgiving break in suburia with my best friends family & their two dogs! It’s crazy to think our eighty pound labrador was once 15 pounds of pure puppy! Time flies! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving & shared it surrounded by loved ones.