Tis the Season

^^Our amazing Thanksgiving table
^^ the hunt begins^Peggy is warming up to her holiday sweater…img_0029|Tray – Target | Mugs – Target |

Thanksgiving has come & gone! We were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving this year in Austin, Tx with Chris’ family. It was a wonderful & relaxing few days. When we got back to San Francisco we didn’t delay putting up our Christmas Tree! I couldn’t wait, last year we had opted out of getting a tree because we were planning to spend Christmas in Texas & we had just picked Juno up. So the thought of managing a 12 week old puppy & keeping our tree safe seemed like a lot, haha. But this year I’m SO happy to have it back! Peggy, our little kitty, absolutely LOVES the Christmas tree, she can usually found lounging underneath it. It finally feels like the official start of the holidays because now that my last day teaching for the semester is done. So here’s to enjoying some holiday cheer the next few weeks! 

Happy Friday! 

Labor Day Love

img_7657^Juno can’t believe all these gorgeous lakes & waterfalls are in the city!
img_7675^^ How gorgeous  was this Labor Day Sunset?!
^^ True love is when your husband drafts your fantasy football team while you do your makeup. 
Labor Day kind of snuck up on us this year. We didn’t plan any getaways & it honestly turned out to be a great weekend in the city. Friday, Juno (our black lab) & I did an urban hike through Golden Gate Park. We walked about 6 miles in the park & it was awesome. We stumbled upon the amazing waterfall above Stow Lake. I had been to the waterfall before but somehow missed the part where you’re able to walk to the top!! Juno seriously was in heaven. Friday night we reunited with one of near & dear friends & just went out to a delicious dinner & enjoyed being out in SF. Saturday was a true test of our relationship, we had to go to Ikea – hung over, on both a holiday weekend & a college move in weekend!!! Luckily we survived & successfully built our furniture haha. We rounded out the weekend with a little bbq & I made some of deviled eggs & a watermelon caprese salad! Holidays are just the best excuse to make delicious treats! Happy unofficial end of summer all!