Sunday Sunsets

Last night we spontaneously decided to head over to Baker Beach for the sunset and it ended up being one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve probably ever seen. This past week was so busy, Chris was gone Monday through Thursday for work, I worked 3 shifts including Saturday night. I celebrated a friends birthday & Sunday we went to Dim Sum for a red egg & ginger party. So Sunday was the first day Chris, William & I were all together for a whole day in a week!

Before having Will I used to take Juno to the beach weekly. It’s truly her heaven on earth but now days it’s a two person job. One to wrangle the dog and one to wrangle the toddler. I’m acutely award that we won’t live 10 minutes from the beach forever so I’m trying soak up all the beach days I can & even though it can be hectic I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Pfieffer Beach & the never ending drive to Pismo.

Average drive time from San Francisco to Pismo Beach: approx 4-5 hours. Time that it took us yesterday: TEN. We got up yesterday morning at around 8, Chris had a call at 9:30 he needed to do from home which was fine because neither of us had packed & I had clothes in the laundry I wanted to bring. So once we did laundry, packed ourselves, packed Juno, & ate breakfast it was just before noon. We’re both laid back when it comes to road trips & we love driving the Pacific Coast Highway. We knew going on highway 1 rather than 101 would add more time to our journey but it’s honestly so breathtakingly beautiful that it’s worth it. That was part of the appeal of coming to Pismo was driving the PCH to get there. Four years ago Chris proposed on a tiny secluded beach 70 miles north of San Luis Obispo, so needless to say this route has some special memories. Anyway we stopped for a quick lunch at around 2:30 & then realized we were going to get into Pismo & it would be dark & poor Juno hadn’t had any exercise yet. So we looked up a dog friendly beach on our way and plugged it into the GPS. Pfieffer Beach it was. And oh my God is it beautiful. We got there right around 4:30 & hung around for one of the most beautiful sunsets. Afterward we pioed back into the car only to realize we didn’t have any cell service. So we kept heading south. Well portions of highway 1 closed last year due to landslides after wildfires. We had seen some signage saying it would be closed at a town called Gorda. We figured CalTrans would certainly alert us when the detour was & when to turn if you wanted to continue South. Ummmmm nope. We literally drive to the dead end of the highway. So now we are in the dark, with no service on a two lane windy highway. Our saving grace was that because our car is new the GPS is included & we were able to search for our hotel. We had to drive along a tiny one lane road for probably 90 minutes before we got back to any kind of civilization. And the entire time we were trying to decide where the heck we were. Turns out we were on an Army base / training facility!! Finally we were within 15 minutes of Pismo & we got pulled over for speeding 😳 luckily the officer was very nice and Chris was able to blame it on the cruise control and the downhill and we got out of the ticket. We got to the resort with 10 minutes to order room service. We honestly just had to laugh. And we both agreed Pfeiffer Beach was 100% percent worth it! Right now Chris is still sleeping (he deserves it after all the driving yesterday) but we’re gonna go for a hike this morning & get some breakfast. Life can be so funny & ridiculous at times & I’m just so thankful to have someone who doesn’t take it too seriously. Yesterday could have been terrible, we could have gotten mad at each other for our predicament but instead we both knew it wasn’t anyone’s fault & we just thanked our Stars that it we didn’t have a baby with us yet because that drive would have been way less fun!! Haha. Now off to enjoy the remainder of the babymoon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Labor Day Love

img_7657^Juno can’t believe all these gorgeous lakes & waterfalls are in the city!
img_7675^^ How gorgeous  was this Labor Day Sunset?!
^^ True love is when your husband drafts your fantasy football team while you do your makeup. 
Labor Day kind of snuck up on us this year. We didn’t plan any getaways & it honestly turned out to be a great weekend in the city. Friday, Juno (our black lab) & I did an urban hike through Golden Gate Park. We walked about 6 miles in the park & it was awesome. We stumbled upon the amazing waterfall above Stow Lake. I had been to the waterfall before but somehow missed the part where you’re able to walk to the top!! Juno seriously was in heaven. Friday night we reunited with one of near & dear friends & just went out to a delicious dinner & enjoyed being out in SF. Saturday was a true test of our relationship, we had to go to Ikea – hung over, on both a holiday weekend & a college move in weekend!!! Luckily we survived & successfully built our furniture haha. We rounded out the weekend with a little bbq & I made some of deviled eggs & a watermelon caprese salad! Holidays are just the best excuse to make delicious treats! Happy unofficial end of summer all!